Hi everyone! Sydney reporting in and out. I wanted to discuss to all of you about this very important topic. Expanding this Army.

So what do I exactly mean? I mean, only me, Sleet and Dashie are active on this wikia. Only we three are there in this army. We need to expand and we have to plan something.

We have to spread the message to the people who hate preps to join this wikia. We have to get some interest in them. We need to do something.

Ok so, How can we improve this wiki to get more people? It's just simple, We need to make this wiki have more interesting items or I should say we should INFACT work like real army people I seriously don't mean go and fight battles on the border...I mean We need to make this wiki have some missions (exactly How test is made).. And we should go for meetups and be Undercovers together. Make more pages for people to read. And make some activities for our army like sports like swimming, Classes for army, Football in CP etc.

So if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me in the comments. We have to expand this wikia. We need more recruits, only we three can't keep this army alive. We need more people. Please try to tell your friends about this army, even fellow wikians by blogs or chat etc.

I really hope we will expand so much that we will be really proud that we are doing good work by chasing away preps who do inapp things CP and save CP.

The Advantages are:

1.We will be popular for stopping ppl to do inapp things and all...most penguins will like and support us.

2. You will be famous! You can proudly say I am a part of APR.

3.We can stop preps.

4.We will have fun like this. We will expand like no one.


Pinkbell CP What's up? 03:29, June 21, 2015 (UTC)

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