Undercovers are special soldiers who function as spies. They often dress up as preps and head to the stadium or other Prep Hangouts to bring us intel.

  • Undercovers need to be highly respected as they bring us intel with those nasty preps even knowing.
  • Pinkbell 66 (General Sydney) is sometimes dressed as an undercover agent and spy on them.
  • It is expected that all people in the APR should be an undercover and spy at least once in their life time.
  • Everyone brings reports about their new plans to take over in some rooms and bully reports. They even go to see what they talk about and their newest talking trends.
  • Undercovers are NOT allowed to tell their identity. They will be either dressed up as a prep or will sit somewhere and spy. (Somewhere where no one can see them)
  • Undercovers are given Rewards like APR Points .
Anti Prep Rebellion Point Pile

APR Points, the reward given to undercovers.

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