The Sidetied Please don't wear this item excessively.This item is worn by preps. You are allowed to wear this only for 6 hours in this army.

The Sunstriker.

The Sunstriker is a wig mainly worn by Jocks. It is a very popular wig even in common rare people. Though it is common to see, it is not available right now.


A Jock in Red Team wearing this wig.


Penguin Style:


Treasure Book:

Not Available.

Boy prep

A Jock wearing The Sunstriker.


  • It is the most popular and common wig in Jocks.
  • Most preps get attached to Jocks with this hairstyle.
  • This wig has many variations in different colours (Example:The Firestriker, The Sunstriker, The Shamrocker and The Tuft).
    • This wig's brown variant and blonde variant looks different from the icon.However, they remain same in sprites.
      • It is called The Tuft and The Right Stuff.
  • Some preps wear this wig to act like celebrities such as Miley Cyrus.


Jocks in Red Team wearing The Sunstriker and its variants.

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