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This article, according to the The Corporation Theory, is an act of supporting preps.

The School is a room in the Mine shack which opened in 2013 after the Monsters University Takeover. This is one of the rooms that preps takeover. It replaced the recycling plant, a room which NEVER had preps.

Trivia Edit

  • Preps are the only ones who were happy that the room opened.
  • CP shouldn't have made this room.Only preps like it.
  • Just like how the Puffle Berry Mall replaced the stage, even though there were so many protests,this room replaced the recycling plant.
  • CP thinks the Recycling Plant was the least populated room on the island. That's why they decided to remove it.
  • According to The Corporation Theory, replacing the Recycling Plant with the School is an act of supporting preps.
  • You can throw balls made of paper and pizzas over there.
    • Some preps bully non-members and new students by throwing paper balls and pizzas at them.
  • During the School and Skate Party, it was decorated.
  • Club Penguin once held a prom in the School.
  • The School doesn't get decorated nowadays, which makes its population reduce.
  • It was decorated during the School and Skate Party and Descendants Takeover.
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