Red Team (or Team Hot Sauce) is the team Blue Team is against.There are lesser preps in this team compared to Blue Team (about 10%).


Team Hot Sauce


  • Blue Team preps annoy preps who are in this team.
  • It is observed by General Sydney that most of red team consists of Jocks.
  • It is also called Team Hot Sauce.
  • Their main rival is Blue Team.
  • Blue Team preps chase away preps in this team.
  • They are not seen much as most of the people support Blue Team.
    • One of the most biggest reason is that because they got 2nd place in Penguin cup and Blue Team got the first place.
      • Some people say Red was the best team in 2008. (Though it is a good fact, some preps don't like it).
    • However, they are the second largest team in club penguin as yellow and green team have no preps but some normal people support them.