As with any organization, The APR also has ranks of status which must be followed.

General- Rank #1

The generals have absolute power over the army. There can be only two generals. Generals can be dismissed is the rest of the Army feels that they are incompetent. They can also resign. Generals, if they resign will be demoted to colonel. Generals can only be dismissed if over 90 percent of the army and the other general feel that they ought to be dismissed. When they resign, Generals have the option of resigning as a veteran or they can go to lower rank. (apart from Lieutenant General) Currently, the Generals are General Paris and General Phoenix

General Lieutenant- Rank #2

General Lieutenants are the second in command of the army. If both the Generals are absent, the lieutenant can be in charge, unless the generals wish for another person to be in charge. They can be dismissed or demoted if over 50 percent of the army and one of more of the generals see it appropriate.

Colonel- Rank #3

Major- Rank #4

Captain- Rank#5

Lieutenant- Rank #6

Soldier- Rank #7

Cadets- Rank #8

Cadets are those who have just earned their status as a member of the APR. To advance to the soldier stage, cadets have to get atleast 5 points.

Recruits- Rank #9

Those looking to join the army or are asked to join the army qualify as recruits. To advance to the Cadet Rank, they have to pass the test.

Other Positions



Undercovers are army members to spy on preps. While it is required that every army member spy on preps for atleast once in their career, full-time Undercovers do not have a rank in the army. Undercovers are extremely useful resources as they give us intel without the preps even knowing!

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