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Proms (also known as graduation party) is a party held in club penguin. It is very famous among preps. It is one of the most visited igloo parties by penguins. There was once a prom held by Club penguin.


A prom taking place in an igloo. Note: This picture was taken from another site.


The penguin prom of 2014.


A prom party happening at Moderator Chattabox's igloo.

What Is Prom All about?Edit

Prom is a party where usually students celebrate their graduation. As in club penguin, it is just for fun or we can say for roleplay. There is a Prom King And Prom Queen of the party. Usually, the host says whether it is girls choice or boys. When there is no choice, penguins decide who they will dance with. A prom is one of the most famous parties as stated before, not only among preps but even normal penguins. In this party, penguins have to dress their best (Like, they have to wear something like a gown, suit or Something very special). It is not suprising to see Pookies coming to proms. They usually come with their biggies or they come with their moms. Because of this, Some proms have a play area for kids.


  • The Prom is supposed to be the one of the most attended parties in club penguin.
  • Preps are to be seen mostly in a prom.
  • Usually, advertisers or the hosts go next to the place where preps go and advertise. It is so because preps are most found of these parties. (As they ask for prom dates).
  • A Prom usually has food and drinks, Seats for both prom king and queen and even some sitting area for guests. It is very rare to see play areas or Dj booth's.
  • Proms are actually innapropriate for children. The Penguin Prom is actually quite similar to the Winter Ball 2011, an event cancelled because it was thought to be too adult. According to The Corporation Theory, this is an act of supporting preps.