Preps are the people we are against. They are supposed to be teens who does Drama to get attention. These people are not liked by many people due to their takeovers (not party room takeovers). They are known to be total attention whores who are racists and homophobic.


A prep with her male version, jocks



Prepful stadium

A stadium full of Preps. Note: this photo was taken from another dimension. They all got killed.


The average prep wears either peach or brown. They also wear The Sidetied, cheerleader outfit. They also wear pom-poms, fuzzy boots (or any other feet item) and a boa.


A prep on a Hollywood Party login screen.


See the article: Names

Preps tend to use popular names to make themselves look "cool". It might not be their real name.


Preps are very shallow and rude. The are also over dramatic and lie a lot. Most preps pretend to be sweet and kind. They also go to "high school", but they don't attend classes- Instead they go to cheer. They also "Bunk" classes to look and act as if they are so cool. Most of them go to the stadium rather than the School.


Preps protesting for Old CP.

Why We Hate Preps

Preps are incredibly rude and racist to non-members and people who aren't very rare. For some reason they never seem to get banned. They are also, frankly, quite annoying and overrated. They also act inappropriately. They also tarnish the names of not only CP Teams, but also Hogwarts Houses by going as far as cheering for Gryffindor and booing Slytherin.

Quotes/ Catchphrases

For more information, see Quotes

Preps tend to use "quotes" to show off and act "cool". Please go to the page Quotes to see some of the common quotes used by preps.


Preps with a Pukie at the Puffle Berry Mall. All of them got raped and killed, but the Pukie got raped and tortured the most longer.

Rooms they have taken over


A Cheerleader Prep.


  • They are supposed to be iq-less people while some people have; like -2637484846465759696947362525 iq.
  • They don't have legs like normal penguins but say they have 'Cali tanned legs'
  • They are fatter than usual still they say 'Slim hip'.
  • They have taken over many nice penguins igloo like Pinkbell 66's igloo.
  • They do Inappropriate things and get reported by many penguins.
  • Their favourite catchphrase is "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"
  • They are usually from blue team.
  • They keep on asking prom dates and annoy people.
  • They act to be celebrities and are huge fan of theirs. They mostly like Justin Bieber (who General Sydney and crucio hate) and Miley Cyrus.
  • They discriminate non-members and penguins who are not that rare, especially new penguins.
  • It is observed that they like to share Personal information which is strictly against Club Penguin Rules.
  • They tell all inappropriate things in club penguin by passing the filter by using different spellings and meanings etc.
  • They say bad words by replacing other words.
  • They do cyberbullying with Non-Members etc.(see the whole list here) and cyberbullying is a crime and is illegal.
  • It is quite obvious that people above 12 years are handling accounts that are preps.

A prep in Yellow Team. This is very uncommon.

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