The Pet Shop (or also called as Petshop for short) is room that is taken over by Penguins and preps being kicked out. Most Penguins come here to adopt Puffles but also kicking the face of Pukies.


The Pet Shop. As you can see, the Pukies you see aren't aware of the agents who will kill them soon: their bodies were found hanging, with bruisers and broken dones, bloody enough to see the flesh torn off with cut off limbs. Their facial expression shows how much they went trough.


  • The Petshop is made and ONLY MADE for buying Puffles and Puffle stuffs. Not adopting some cancerous idtiotic bastards named Pukies who mocks real life orphans. They are all kicked out and kill brutally of the Pet Shop due to that.
  • Many Quotes are used here to attract Pookshits and killed them the later. Good job!
  • Preps wear Prom Dresses to show off to attract some Pukies. Good to lure them in your igloo...
  • Many preps are being bullied by many non-members here.
  • Asking Mumus and Pukies whether they could be a Biggy is a good way to infiltrate their house and torture them much later!.
  • Penguins who are against preps raid the Petshop all days!
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