Names are given to preps and Jocks  by themselves to look "cool". Though it maybe not their real name, they tend to use popular names that go through the filter.


A Jock telling that his name is James.



First NamesEdit

Anne, Amanda, Tori, Kelsi, Ava, Bella, Rebecca, London, Valentina, Chelsea, Tiffany, May, June, April, Paris, Maine, Bree, Emmy, Jenny, Taylor, Lacey, Veronica, Macey, Summer, Ari, Anna, Skye, Cat, Alexa, Crystal, Jade, Melody, Jasmine, Brooke, Mollie, Holly, Amy, Carter, Jesse/Jessie, Hope, Faith, Destiny, Sydney, Avery, Grace,Gracie, Paris, Chloe, Avea, Crystal, Emma, Lilly, Callie, Abigail, Rose, Amber, Lynn, Dahlia, ETC.


A prep telling that her name is Grace.

Last names (Surnames)Edit

Hollister, Striker, Parker, Smith, Woods, Spring or Carter.

(Note: These are the names which go through the filter; on a side note the word name doesn't go through the filter....they usually say Aime, "is" or "I am" instead of using the word name.


First NamesEdit

Matthew, James, Austin, Bob, Drake, Harry, Michael, Justin, Daniel, Mason, Marcus, Zack, Noah, Kevin, Dave, Joshua/Josh, Kieran, Kevin, Samuel, ETC.

Last NamesEdit

Striker, Wood, Spring, Carter, Robert or Alex.