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This article, according to the The Corporation Theory, is an act of supporting preps.

The Mine Shack is one of the most populated places in CP...thanks to preps. It was once a room with only the recycling plant and mine. The main attraction why preps come here is the school. Before that there was actually nothing called preps.

Mine shack before skatepark

The mine shack without the skatepark.

After s&s party

The current mine shack with the skatepark.


  • The mine shack first was a hidden area on the map.
    • It later got the building called Recycling plant
      • It was heavily unpopular.
  • Club penguin later added the school, which was the root cause of the birth of preps..
  • It is one of those places where preps love to sit and chit chat with others.
  • The Mine Shack was hugely popular during the School and Skate Party. It was full most of the time.
    • This party encouraged more people to become preps and for preps to takeover the Mine shack
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