Hi there! We are very happy to have you join this army! Please read the rules and regulations:

1.Make sure you're NOT a Prep: If you're a prep,you should know this wiki IS AGAINST PREPS.If you're a prep, please stop being being a prep to join this wiki. We don't encourage you being a prep coming on this wikia and editing, as this maycause Vandalism (by changing things we are against to something good) and we can consider this activity as SPYING.

2.No Vandalism: Please don't vandalize on this wikia. We want everyone to edit well. We have protected some pages so that no one except admins can edit them. Copying from another wikia and posting the info here is not allowed, and vise versa.

3.No asking for a position again and again. Please don't ask for positions in this wikia. You can ask once and we will take that to consideration by seeing how you edit for a few days. If you're our leading editor in those particular days, we may or may not promote you. You will be promoted when the generals see it fit.

4. Pay respect to everyone. We want everyone to have fun and clear their doubts in the forums and comments. If you use inaapropiate language, we will directly block you then and there. The same applies to chat. Please then even don't request to be unbanned unless you have really not done anything. Crude humour won't be tolerated as well.

5.Be loyal Keep on getting reports, chase away preps and be very kind. Those are the three things you need to remember. Please don't wear whatever preps wear and try to be an undercover (a person who spys). Please let us know when you go for becoming an undercover. Please note that if you become undercover daily, they may feel something is wrong. Please go only rarely. If you do have to be inactive for some reason, please notify one of the admins

We hope you accept these conditions. Not following any of these will lead to bans. Bans will block you from coming here for a set period of time, from a day to forever.

To register, please put your Sign and penguin's name here below. After that, please take the test Here!


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  • Bongi6
  • Rainbow Kitty (aka Mademcc)
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