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General Crucio (or Trix for short) is one of the two generals, webmasters and co-founders of the wiki, amongst General Paris. The name of her penguin is Violetpiano. Her name (not in real life) is Aquila Bellatrix Frollo.

Aquila Bellatrix "Trix" Frollo
Vital statistics
Position General of the APR
Age 19
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Above average penguin height
Weight Average penguin weight

Off duty


Birth and Early Childhood Edit

Crucio was born to the Roman goddess of victory, Victoria and an unnamed penguin who worked at the fish dog stand at the stadium on July 7th as Charlene Samson. However, she was abandoned by her father, and since it wasn't the way of the gods to take in their children by mortals, Victoria left her. Aquila spent her childhood moving from foster home to foster home. Unfortunately, her foster parents were extremely religious penguins who  believed that a woman's job was at home. But, they were forced to send her to school due to the law. But there, they did have people keep tabs on her, so she was unable to do as much as raise her hand in class. Due to  the powerful  competitive nature of a child of Victoria, and being forced to not take part in any competitive activity, this countered her natural will and slowly turned her insane.

When NULLROUT Ddosed Club Penguin, she and General Paris started logging onto LimitlessCp. Fortunately, Paris was able to login sometimes and brought her news about the changes on the island. When she found out the preps had taken over half on the island, she became very sad. Later, she and Paris had the idea of creating the APR, so they could chase those preps away.

Personality Edit

As a child of Victoria, Trix is naturally quite competitive. She is also quite kind and friendly. But on the battle field, she is completely different: Nyx plans out every detail when it comes to war. She can also be quite ruthless. She is also less fragile than a normal penguin, making her better suited to war.


Being immortal, Trix's appearence varies sometimes, but most of the time, she looks quite similar to Bellatrix Lestrange, but with blue eyes. As a human, she has short ebony hair, purple eyes and is extremely skinny and gaunt. Her eyes are often masked by the Geass

Trivia Edit

  • Bellatrix Lestrange is her favourite Harry Potter character.
  • She is immortal.
  • Her favorite band is Fall Out Boy.
  • She has been engaged to Lelouch vi Brittania as of 16th June 2015.
    • The Wedding took place in the Club Penguin Wikia Chat. The Priest And Best woman was General Sydney.
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