The Sidetied Please don't wear this item excessively.This item is worn by preps. You are allowed to wear this only for 6 hours in this army.
Boy prep

A Jock wearing The Blue Football Jersey.

Football Jerseys (also known as Rugby Jerseys) are jerseys worn by Jocks.They always wear it at the stadium for playing football (or rugby).


Snow And Sports Catalog: Available


Football Jerseys in the Snow and Sports catalog.


  • There are 3 variants of this jersey (for each team).
    • However, there is no yellow variant. This is probably because Yellow team is the least populated team.
  • The Blue one is the most common as most Jocks are in blue team (just like Preps).
  • This is the most important item for a jock.
  • It is extremely rare to see a jock wearing the red or green variant of this; as most preps support Blue team...but there as some preps (almost 10% of preps) are part of red team.