The Dance Club (also known as the Night Club) is a room where Proms usually happen.


A Prom taking place in the Dance Club.


  • It isn't completely taken over by preps.
  • However, when a Prom happens, the room is full of preps.
  • The room is usually full after a team wins as proms usually take place after a team wins a Soccer match.
  • The Dance Club got a new look in November 2012.
    • This caused many preps to leave the room as they support Old CP and they want Old Rooms back.
      • However, Proms still occur at the Dance Club.
  • There are prom igloos and the School room which make the dance club unpopular.
    • However, Non-Members go for proms at the nightclub and the night club is more popular since it can be accessed by anyone at any time.
  • Proms were more common when the old night club existed.
    • This is probably because preps support Old CP and prefer old things.
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