The Sidetied Please don't wear this item excessively.This item is worn by preps. You are allowed to wear this only for 6 hours in this army.

Cheerleader Outfits are outfits worn by some preps.They can be obtained in the Snow Sports Catalog usually during May-November.


Snow And Sports CatalogEdit

Status: Available.


Some cheerleader outfits.


  • Many preps wear this item.
  • There are 5 cheerleader outfits' variants - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink variant.
    • The Yellow one is the most uncommon.
    • The Pink one can only be unlocked and it is also very uncommon.
  • There are also two cheerleader sweaters. The red one and the blue one.Preps don't wear cheerleader sweaters usually.
  • Preps (cheerleaders) wear these outfits and dance in the stadium, hang out with Jocks, cheer for their team (usually team blue), show off, annoy people and report them for no reason.
  • The most common cheerleader outfit is the Blue one as most preps are in Team Blue.
  • Preps usually wear this item along with Diva Glasses, The Sidetied and a boa.
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