CPPS is a game which is just like Club Penguin.It isn't made by disney but it uses Club Penguin's SWF files. It stands for Club Penguin Private Server. Some CPPSes have custom features which club penguin DOESN'T have. It is actually illegal and is not affiliated with Club penguin OR Disney.


A CPPS (Note: This photo was taken from another website.)


  • Swear Without getting banned (only for some cppses/Servers)
  • Get any item without any limit. (By putting in item Id/Furniture Id) (Ex:!ai 221 would give you the Black Hoodie)
  • Get nameglow/Colour/change. (Only available for free in very few cppses.)
  • Get chat bubble color. (Only available in very few cppses for free)
  • Move from one room to another using commands. Example !JR 100 would take you to the town.
  • Get bait items and unreleased items
  • Change the Party on a CPPS using a Party Changer. (only on a few cppses)

Preps and cppsEdit

Eventually, preps prefer CPPS to club penguin. This is because most of them support old cp and actually preps swear a lot. They are even caught swearing by replacing words in club penguin. They even go there for name glow etc. and even for clothes. But suprisningly most of the people in CPPS are preps. They only sit in the town. They even swear at some people for no reason


  • is the first CPPS to get a million people registered.
  • It is just like Old CP because it has old cp rooms and clothes (not every CPPS).
    • Thats one of main reasons most of the people prefer CPPS.
  • Even normal people go there.
  • Some CPPS makers make their CPPS totally custom (like Flippr)
  • Disney closes many cppses every now and then. They have closed many cppses like Pengable,iCPPS and CPYS etc.

Notes/Warnings for AgentsEdit

  • Please don't go for undercover in a CPPS as many of them are preps and/or normal people are also dressed like preps.
  • Please don't even try to skill or chase away one too...They will swear or they won't take it seriously. We are telling this for your good only. If you really want to do it, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.