Blue Team (known as the Sharks during the Penguin Cup) is the team in which most of the preps are part of. According to a survey by General Sydney, almost 90% of preps are expected to be in Blue Team.


Team Sharks


Some preps from blue team. Note: This Jock is saying that he is James.


A Blue team prep saying her usual dialogues


  • The Blue Team is very popular even in normal people; General Sydney Likes Blue Team though she hates preps.
  • Their main rival is Red Team.
  • Preps in Blue team are more annoying.
    • They annoy people who are in other teams (especially red).
  • They are called the "Kings and Queens" of the stadium by General Sydney.
  • If they see a red team member, they chase them away.
    • If a Red team girl Is sitting next to a Blue team boy, a Blue team girl will push her away
      • This is why most people like this leave this roleplay and become either against or normal people.
  • Team Blue later became Team Sharks during the Penguin Cup.
    • However, most preps still call it team blue since they support Old CP and they want original things.