• Pinkbell CP


    May 29, 2016 by Pinkbell CP

    Hi guys...Its me General Sydney...Im not sure any of you are gonna even read this but...This wiki was started today; one year ago. This marks our first anniversary...None of us are here to witness it though. Check out this page: Anti Prep Rebellion Me and Dashie (bella) had started this wikia.

    There was a point when this wikia was flooded with many users. I also learnt CSS commands better here. In one year we crossed 100 pages. We had so many great achievements...Nevertheless many of us left this wiki...It has died now...I am having a really hectic time handling school also...So is Dashie so she left...I'm not into CP Much also..Many of us stopped coming here...Though it has died...We may not be able to revive it...I will keep this wiki as …

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  • Pinkbell CP

    Plans board

    September 2, 2015 by Pinkbell CP

    Hey everyone! Sydney reporting in and out! Long time no see!

    So today I have got an exciting update for y'all!

    It's that a planning committee will be added. We will elect a person to handle it. But we will do that later.

    I will be making a plan board where agents can discuss and plan tactics.

    By the way a roleplay board will be up too! Roleplay allows all roleplays except preppy ones. But you can do a prep roleplay where you maybe a undercover with another agent as prep. You can even do roleplays not related to APR

    But shall we allow pookie roleplay?

    Voting is DONE. The winner is no pookie roleplay.


    03:38, September 2, 2015 (UTC)


    -General Sydney

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  • Pinkbell CP

    Page poll time! CPPS

    August 8, 2015 by Pinkbell CP

    Hello everyone! Sydney here! So....

    I am staring blog posts called "Page poll" where you can vote whether the page I will state is needed or not.

    So today it's.....CPPS.

    CPPS which stands for Club Penguin Private Server is a game which is like CP where it's customised by its developers but it's completely different from CP.There you can Speak/swear however you want or add clothes and furniture without any limit. It has many features which is NOT available in CP.Preps are most found there. They prefer CPPS to CP though. But CPPS is NOT Affiliated with CP or Disney and its actually illegal.



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  • Sleetcp

    Report Update

    July 24, 2015 by Sleetcp

    Hello Members of the Anti-Prep Rebellion!

    You no longer need to make blog posts for reports. General Sydney has now added a board on the Forum called the Prep Reports board. you can now access it by clicking here!

    To make a report, you need to add the title of your report (such as Report 3 by Agent __________) in the first box.In the second box, you can put all the information and pictures of preps.

    You can leave the 3rd Box blank. However, if you want, you can add the name of the room you saw preps in.

    Here's an example:

    Click Here to see an example of a report posted on the Prep Reports Board.

    -Lt. Zippy Sleet The Rare Server! 12:35, July 24, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Pinkbell CP

    Heyo guys! Sydney in and out! We have some exciting NEWS!!!

    So..For my birthday celebration, I have decided to make some important updates and improvements!

    1.Report Forum: You can now make reports in the reports forum. And the report Center will be a bit modified...I will send the new rules too.

    2.ROLEPLAY BOARD!: Yes! Now you can play as some characters (except preps) in the roleplay forum! Basically anyone can start a RP and play! Pookieing will be decided later by our executive Comittee

    3.New missions! :Classified XD

    4. A normal club penguin discussion board: here, you can talk basically about CP, well apart from duty and preps.

    More coming soon.....

    ITS MY BIRTHDAY! 13:21, July 21, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Sleetcp

    This is my 8th report. After I make two more reports, I will reach 10 reports - which is a good milestone. So...let's get started with the report.

    ]] 12:03, July 21, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Mew The supercool !

    Today, I saw preps at the school. Most of them are blue team preps and they are planning a match and the school was their "Base". I'm still looking for Red team's base and Im gonna report soon. The match is starting soon. Its started and Blue won. I stole their trophy though :P

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  • Mew The supercool !

    Well, sorry for the drop in reports. I was caught up by some tests. I found preps at the stadium and school. I sometimes play football as a blue team member but I'm not a jock.

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  • Sleetcp

    Greetings Agents of the APR! :)

    Mission 1 has now been released and it is now playable by Clicking Here!

    Make sure you sign to start the mission. Please don't forget to sign in the end of the mission. You will be awarded 15 APR Points after you complete the mission!

    Happy Editing! :)

    -Lt. Zippy

    Sleet The Rare Server! 04:13, July 18, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Sleetcp

    I saw preps at the Cove today.

    ]] 13:19, July 16, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Pinkbell CP

    Hello everyone. We have a very unfortunate news that General Crucio has decided to quit...

    I will be handling the army till then but I will very soon choose a new general. This is very sad....WE WILL MISS YOU! 😢

    I will still be around but this is very unfortunate....We will always be greatful to general Crucio to help us and I am because she helped me in the making of this wiki...WE WILL MISS YOU!

    Bye Bellatrix..You will be remembered here forever

    T-Rex are love and T-Rex are life! 13:50, July 15, 2015 (UTC)

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  • BellatrixTheMagicalPotato
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  • Sleetcp

    Hello APR :)

    My 6th Report! :)

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  • Sleetcp

    Greetings Members of the APR! :)

    This is my 5th Report about preps:

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  • Mew The supercool !

    Today, I saw preps at the stadium and dojo. These pics were actually taken at different times.

    The preps were advertising a prom at the night club in the dojo.

    Since the satdium turned into the football court, I spotted many preps being cheerleaders.

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  • Sleetcp

    My 4th Report. I saw preps at the Plaza, Pet Shop, The School, and of course, the stadium.

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  • Mew The supercool !

    Today, I spotted preps at the Night club! A lot of them were preps despite not looking like them. Like, few guys in the suits tried to stay near the girls and dance while some girls tried to attract the boys.

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  • Mew The supercool !

    This is my first prep chase. There was this jock and prep whom I chased away. They were so annoying. Here is what happened Chronologically:

    1. The Jock started flirting with the prep.
    2. The prep started showing signs of approval.
    3. The jock invited the prep for a date.
    4. The prep accepted
    5. They went to the mall
    6. I chased them until the mall.
    7. They tried to run
    8. I kept chasing them
    9. They finally logged off :D
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  • Pinkbell CP


    July 6, 2015 by Pinkbell CP

    Hey guys! Sydney reporting in and out.

    So I had mentioned in my blog post of the expansion of army that there will be missions.......wait......MISSIONS ON APR?!

    Yes guys, there will be missions like the test, there will be awesome missions..But for that I need one person to help me with few things...please comment if you want to.

    So it will start soon. But right now..I am having school (time zone) and I am a little sick so When it will start I will make a blog post..


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  • Sleetcp

    This is my 3rd Report.I saw preps in various rooms.

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  • Sleetcp

    There were some preps at the Ice Rink and the Pet Shop today.

    ]] 06:51, July 4, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Pinkbell CP

    Celebrity anime

    June 29, 2015 by Pinkbell CP

    Hey guys! So welcome to the celebrity blog anime! So here you have to tell me which celeberity or singer's face do you want me to make. Using anime.

    So today's star is......

    The Wrecking ball star MILEY CYRUS! See this!

    Hope you liked it!

    Please tell me which person's anime should I make next. I don't mind even if I need to make a custom of you. Please let me know! Thanks!

    T-Rex are love and T-Rex are life! 11:28, June 29, 2015 (UTC) Read more >
  • Pinkbell CP

    Hey guys...Sydney here! So I guess almost everyone knows that these elections are going on.....

    I just have a small favour from you...PLZ VOTE FOR ME!

    My party is the Penguins of Democracy Party.

    I will not allow bullies to bully anyone in my party. We will give equality for all and fight against the bossy. We will do anything to make our citizens happy. Please vote for us. We promise you you won't be disappointed. Please!

    Do vote click [[1]]

    Please vote for me! Thanks!

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  • Pinkbell CP

    2,000 edits!

    June 27, 2015 by Pinkbell CP

    Hi everyone! General Sydney reporting in and out! I am so happy today to proudly say that....


    And best part of all...

    WELL...I MADE THE 2,000th EDIT...CHECK MEH ACHIEVEMENTS FOR PROOF! WOOT WOOT!!!! Well this blog post is the 2,001 edit on this wiki!

    Thank you so much all for cooperating and your hard work. I really really appreciate it. Thank you so much. But we need expand but we are slowly slowly expanding...A day will come when a person will do our 1 millionth edit.

    BUT....Don't you think it's party time? And even for a meetup? Well I will discuss with General Crucio and Lt.Zippy on this. And then we all will have a party and a meetup!

    Be useful! (My motto XD like b…

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  • Pinkbell CP

    Expanding the army

    June 21, 2015 by Pinkbell CP

    Hi everyone! Sydney reporting in and out. I wanted to discuss to all of you about this very important topic. Expanding this Army.

    So what do I exactly mean? I mean, only me, Sleet and Dashie are active on this wikia. Only we three are there in this army. We need to expand and we have to plan something.

    We have to spread the message to the people who hate preps to join this wikia. We have to get some interest in them. We need to do something.

    Ok so, How can we improve this wiki to get more people? It's just simple, We need to make this wiki have more interesting items or I should say we should INFACT work like real army people I seriously don't mean go and fight battles on the border...I mean We need to make this wiki have some missions (exactly…

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  • Pinkbell CP


    June 19, 2015 by Pinkbell CP

    Hey guys! Sydney reporting in and out. I just came to know there's this RP called Emos. So what I was asking was:

    Should our APR Army support Emos? Vote here:

    Emos are roleplays which only say acronyms, roam like a normal person, but their style (Dressing) is like preps though they HATE PREPS.

    I support them. Do you?

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  • BellatrixTheMagicalPotato

    Greetings soldiers. Today, I have made a report of the amounts of preps I see in CP. My first stop was the Plaza.

    I spotted a prep right off the bat.

    My next stop was at the Mall. I didn't find any preps there, but I did find a friend from wikia there!  

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  • Sleetcp

    I went online on server Blizzard and I found many preps at the Puffle Berry Mall. They are planning to get jobs and work at the mall.Y U do this disney.Anyway, They were SPYED.


    Sleet The Rare Server! 07:27, June 9, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Pinkbell CP

    Hi everyone general Sydney reporting in and out. So this is the first announcement made in this army.

    As the title "Meet ups" what does that mean? It means all the members of this army will be meeting in CP together (including generals) for doing some training and undercover together.

    It hasn't been confirmed yet but we will have meet ups every now and then. We can't say the dates until we decide a time when all the members are available. Maximum people allowed in one meet up is four. We will go undercover in different locations and spy. Even classes will be held in my igloo on how to spy. General crucio and me will teach you.

    Please tell a perfect timing as we live in different places. But right now we haven't confirmed.

    Thanks and be ready! P…

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