Welcome to the Anti Prep Rebellion Wiki!

Welcome to the Anti Prep Rebellion wiki, recruit! We are an army with the purpose of chasing those pesky preps away from Club Penguin Island. To take the test, ask one of the two Webmasters, General Crucio or General Sydney. Also, don't forget to sign you name on the Joining Letter!

Our two Generals (aka Webmasters)

Pinkbell custom

General Sydney!


General Crucio!

We are against preps

We are against the preps, has they have taken over many of our beloved rooms...we won't them to at least stop doing this as this is a kids game...and we are against the fact that preps can RP in CP.

Want to join?

Join Here! And contact Me!

Want to report a incident with preps?

Report Here!

Wanna play missions?

Play the Missions made by the experts! But please Register first if you want to! It's just like a mission!


We don't tend to hurt anyone's feelings. We have respect for you. Please respect everyone in the comments and all. And please don't take anything seriously. We have made this wiki for fun and remember, it's a game! So we appreciate your cooperation! Thanks!

Latest activity

Please help us expand this wiki! Try editing as much as possible! We want to give a good message of stopping preps from doing things which are not good.

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