The Anti Prep Rebellion also known as Anti-Prep Rebellion and APR, is a rebellion against preps. It was founded by General Crucio and General Sydney.


On a regular day of summer, two friends were ranting about how much they hated preps. Then they had the idea of creating an army to fight them. That is how the APR was founded, exactly at 6:30, 29th May.


In June 2015, User:Sleetcp was promoted to rollaback. That same month, due to his impressive editing skills, he was the fastest person to be promoted; in a week. He was promoted to bureacrat. He was and is still doing editing with general Sydney actively.

July 2015, After that, many people joined, one among them was User:Mew The supercool ! was promoted to chat mod and mod that same week she joined due to her impressive reports. But a very unfortunate thing happened...General Crucio decided. To quit and General Sydney decided to take care fully. There is a plan of choosing a new general too..

Executive Comittee

1.General Crucio (general) -Violetpiano

2. General Sydney(general) - Pinkbell 66

3. Lt. Zippy (Lieutenant) -Sleet

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