The APR Help Page is the place where you can report technical and user help of the APR Wiki.

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  • In the user complaints section, you can complain on users who have been rude and were swearing, trolling, hacking, vandalising etc.
  • In the Techinical complains section, you can complain about red links in articles, glitches which are not common, and many more.


  • Please don't swear or troll here. It will be deleted and the person who did it will be losing his/her APR Points.
  • Please don't report problems with the mission or test where the reference of the answer is there. Please PM it to the executive committee on chat or try posting a message on their message wall.
  • Please try to take a screenshot of the complain.
  • Please feel free to report! We all are ready to help you!

User complaintsEdit

Technical complaintsEdit